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Battle of the Bullring Hotel Info: Regency Inn in Iola (620) 365-2183, and America's Best Value Inn in Iola (620) 365-5161 are both offering a racer's rate for 10% off. Just mention you are in town for the race!

Kenny's TIle has also added $500 to the winner of the Battle at the Bullring

An anonymous donor has stepped forward to add $1,000 to the winner's share at the Battle at the Bullring, making it now $9,000 TO WIN!

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Big money races are fairly common for Late Models and Modifieds, not so much for some of the other divisions at area tracks. So, when the chance to win $1000.00 and a nice trophy comes along for Factory Stock, you can bet your biscut that big guns will arrive. And arrive they did at Humboldt Speedway.


Friday’s start was delayed by a half hour as Ryan Whitworth and crew worked on a racing surface deluged with rain, conditions that would have prompted many  promoters to cancel the event.Granted, the track was a bit rougher than usual, but three wide, wide open racing was evident in all classes.


With the field of cars set, the top eight qualifiers re-drew for starting spots. At the green, Tyler James, making only his second start this year, blasted into the lead, never to look back. Scott Stuart, previously undefeated at Humboldt this season, put tremendous pressure on James from the second spot, but never quite found the poening he needed. Coffeyville driver Gary Langworthy finished in third, with David Matlock fourth, and Independence, Mo. ‘s Jerry Schmidt fifth.


From deep in the McCarthy Auto Group/USRA Modified field came 2012 Humboldt points champ John Allen, driving hard to capture the Modified “A” feature win. Pole sitter Mitch Keeton of Webb City, Mo. took second ,  while Gardner, Ks. driver  Justin Johnson was third, with Travis Smith fourth. Payden Phillips  emerged from the bowels of the dreaded “B” main to capture fifth.


Curt Drake withstood multiple charges from runner up Jeremy Chambers, and wired the field in the Ray’s Metal Depot B-Mod feature race. An aggressive J.T. Thurman scored third,with Wheatland, Mo. driver Mike Striegel fourth. Jimmie Davis was fifth.


The Whitworth Construction Pure Stock feature was won by Derrek Wilson. Second went to Donnie  Deevers. Mitchell Coulter,Matt Rowe, and Stetson Deets rounded out the top five.

Humboldt Speedway
Race Results
Friday, May 10, 2013

Ray’s Metal Depot B-Mods
A FEATURE 1, Curt Drake. 2, Jeremy Chambers. 3, Jason Thurman. 4, Mike Striegel. 5, Jimmie Davis. 6, Brad Jarman. 7, Mike Letterman. 8, Jon Westhoff. 9, Blake Kisner. 10, Michael Page. 11, Andy Bryant. 12, Matthew Lang. 13, Mike Camarillo. 14, Tyler Kidwell. 15, Steve McLaughlin. 16, Jarrid Johnson. 17, Leon Bash.

HEAT 1 1, Riley Whitworth. 2, Brad Jarman. 3, Jeremy Chambers. 4, Jarrid Johnson. 5, Steve McLaughlin. 6, Leon Bash. 7, Tim VanGotten.
HEAT 2 1, Andy Bryant. 2, Jon Westhoff. 3, Jason Thurman. 4, Tyler Kidwell. 5, Blake Kisner. 6, Matthew Lang.
HEAT 3 1, Curt Drake. 2, Jimmie Davis. 3, Mike Striegel. 4, Mike Letterman. 5, Blake Davis. 6, Michael Page. 7, Mike Camarillo.

Factory Stocks
A FEATURE 1, Tyler James. 2, Scott Stuart. 3, Gary Langworthy Jr.. 4, David Matlock. 5, Jerry Schmidt. 6, Jay Lamons Jr. 7, John Oneal. 8, Steve Herrick. 9, Daryl Drake. 10, Jeremy Wilson. 11, David Mason. 12, Leif Weyer. 13, Eric Weyer. 14, Phil Snodgrass. 15, John Rosson. 16, Chris Weldon. 17, Tim Phillips. 18, Billy Shadden. 19, Keith Simmons. 20, Rick Aiello

HEAT 1 1, Scott Stuart. 2, Gary Langworthy Jr.. 3, Daryl Drake. 4, Tyler James. 5, Phil Snodgrass. 6, Dustin Marvin. 7, Dallas Joyce. 8, Tim Phillips.
HEAT 2 1, Jerry Schmidt. 2, Keith Simmons. 3, Jeremy Wilson. 4, John Oneal. 5, Leif Weyer. 6, John Rosson. 7, Jay Lamons Jr. 8, Steve Herrick.
HEAT 3 1, David Matlock. 2, Eric Weyer. 3, Billy Shadden. 4, Rick Aiello. 5, Chris Weldon. 6, David Mason. 7, Patrick Kay.

MaCarthy Auto Group USRA Modifieds
A FEATURE 1, John Allen. 2, Mitch Keeton. 3, Justin Johnson. 4, Travis Smith. 5, Paden Phillips. 6, Chris Vannoster. 7, Gene Hogan. 8, Dalton Kirk. 9, Jay Purkey. 10, Luke Driskell. 11, Allan Broers. 12, Ryan McAninch. 13, Chase Sigg. 14, Brian Bolin. 15, Terry Beckham II. 16, Justin Rexwinkle. 17, Jesse Folk Jr. 18, Jessy Willard. 19, Jon Sheets. 20, Scott
B FEATURE 1, Ryan McAninch. 2, Paden Phillips. 3, Chase Sigg. 4, Gene Hogan. 5, Jay Purkey. 6, Chris Vannoster. 7, Allan Broers. 8, Scott Daniels. 9, Jerry Schniepp. 10, Mykel Atkinson. 11, Bryce Schniepp. 12, Lewis Jackson. 13, Dennis Bishop. 14, Chris Tonoli. 15, Justin Folk. 16, Cody Schniepp. 17, Ted Tolan. (DNS).

HEAT 1 1, Jesse Folk Jr. 2, Mitch Keeton. 3, Justin Rexwinkle. 4, Scott Daniels. 5, Chase Sigg. 6, Gene Hogan. 7, Allan Broers. 8, Ted Tolan.
HEAT 2 1, Brian Bolin. 2, John Allen. 3, Paden Phillips. 4, Justin Folk. 5, Bryce Schniepp. 6, Ryan McAninch.
HEAT 3 1, Luke Driskell. 2, Justin Johnson. 3, Dalton Kirk. 4, Jessy Willard. 5, Chris Tonoli. 6, Lewis Jackson. 7, Chris Vannoster.
HEAT 4 1, Travis Smith. 2, Jon Sheets. 3, Terry Beckham II. 4, Dennis Bishop. 5, Jay Purkey. 6, Jerry Schniepp. 7, Cody Schniepp. 8, Mykel Atkinson.

Whitworth Construction Pure Stocks
A FEATURE 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Donnie Devers. 3, Mitchell Coulter. 4, Matt Rowe. 5, Stetson Deets. 6, Eldon Donald McIntosh. 7, Ken Colston. 8, Cody Clinton. 9, Matthew Kay. 10, Benjamin Haddox. 11, Tony Melton. (DNS).12, Shane Ballew. (DNS).

HEAT 1 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Mitchell Coulter. 3, Donnie Devers. 4, Shane Ballew. 5, Stetson Deets. 6, Ken Colston. 7, Cody Clinton.
HEAT 2 1, Matthew Kay. 2, Matt Rowe. 3, Eldon Donald McIntosh. 4, Tony Melton. 5, Benjamin Haddox.

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