June 26th - $1,000 Enduro Race (no Stock Cars running this night)

Friday, July 3rd - $2,000 to win Modified, $500 to win B-Mod, regular pay on other classes. Huge fireworks display.  


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Story By: Scott L. Stewart

Unique in the world of racing is “The Enduro”, a race where, basically, you take a running automobile, take out the glass and put in a roll cage, line up with a bunch of other similar cars, and go for it. It’s unique because if you crash, break down, whatever on the track, you become another challenge to other racers because you stay where you are at, unless your in real danger, and the track becomes an obstacle course. Speed is important, but driving skill and durability are king.

Before June 26th, Humboldt Speedway had never hosted an Enduro. It was a different experience for both fans and officials. Everyone lines up, comes to a dead stop, and goes from there. At the end of 50 laps, it was Derrek Wilson, ace Pure Stock driver, who will be forever in the record books as Humboldt Speedway’s first ever Enduro race winner. Runner up was Jeremy Wilson, Scott Stuart was third, Tim VanGotten fourth, and Rick Mueller fifth.

The Enduro capped a full night of racing action at The Hummer, a night which saw Mike Churning claim his fourth feature win of the season in Pure Stock . Wayne Johnson mounted a late race charge for the lead, but ended second, Trever Vann was third. Fourth went to Joey DeCoster, with Mitch Coulter fifth.

Long time USRA Modified ace John Allen would not be denied in this weeks feature, putting on a clinical display of speed and poise on his way to victory lane. Justin Johnson claimed runner up, Jim Body third. Chase Sigg came from deep in the 18 car field to claim fourth, edging fifth place Chase Domer at the line.

B-Mod phenom Jake Richards came from Kansas City to take the main event win on Friday night. After a several week hiatus, Lucas Issacs returned to a strong second, with Tyler Kidwell, Brian McGowen fourth and Dakota Foster fifth.

Tyler Davis remains the king of Sport Compact, racking up still another feature win. Ken Colston debuted in this division with a second, Kourtney Letterman was third, Aaron Farwell fourth, and Tevyn James fifth.

Stock Car Division had the night off..

Friday, July third at The Hummer will be hot: $2,000.00 to win in USRA Modified, $500.00 to win in B-Mod, plus Stock car and Pure Stock. Sport Compacts take a bye week. Best of all, a massive fireworks display after the races. $13 admission for adults, $5 for the kids.


Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod

A FEATURE 1, Jake Richards. 2, Lucas Isaacs. 3, Tyler Kidwell. 4, Brian McGowen. 5, Dakota Foster. 6, Jimmie Davis. 7, Tim Phillips. 8, Tim VanGotten. 9, Robbe Ewing. 10, Jim Body. 11, Mark Hunziger. 12, TC Balthazor. 13, Ryan Smith. 14, Mike Letterman. 15, Dawson Smylie. 16, Brian Walburn. 17, Luke Phillips. 18, Matt Rose. 19, Andy Bryant.

HEAT 1 1, Matt Rose. 2, Mark Hunziger. 3, Robbe Ewing. 4, Luke Phillips. 5, Dakota Foster. 6, Brian Walburn.

HEAT 2 1, Jake Richards. 2, Andy Bryant. 3, Riley Whitworth. 4, Brian McGowen. 5, Tim Phillips. 6, Ryan Smith. 7, TC Balthazor.

HEAT 3 1, Lucas Isaacs. 2, Tyler Kidwell. 3, Jimmie Davis. 4, Jim Body. 5, Mike Letterman. 6, Dawson Smylie.

McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified

A FEATURE 1, John Allen. 2, Justin Johnson. 3, Jim Body. 4, Chase Sigg. 5, Chase Domer. 6, Tad Davis. 7, Dalton Kirk. 8, Jeremy Chambers. 9, Jesse Folk Jr. 10, Lance Town. 11, Colton Eck. 12, Dennis Bishop. 13, Scott Daniels. 14, Chad Thomsen. 15, Darron Fuqua. 16, Robby Love. 17, Paden Phillips.

HEAT 1 1, Paden Phillips. 2, Jesse Folk Jr. 3, Dalton Kirk. 4, Chase Domer. 5, Dennis Bishop. 6, Robby Love.

HEAT 2 1, John Allen. 2, Jim Body. 3, Lance Town. 4, Jeremy Chambers. 5, Colton Eck. 6, Chad Thomsen.

HEAT 3 1, Darron Fuqua. 2, Tad Davis. 3, Justin Johnson. 4, Chase Sigg. 5, Scott Daniels. 6,

Terry Schultz.

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock

A FEATURE 1, Mike Churning. 2, Wayne Johnson. 3, Trever Vann. 4, Joey DeCoster. 5, Mitchell Coulter. 6, Bryce Weldon. 7, Zoe Hannah. 8, Billy Shadden. 9, Krew Walburn. 10, Ethan Vance. 11, Donald McIntosh. 12, Derrek Wilson.

HEAT 1 1, Mike Churning. 2, Joey DeCoster. 3, Wayne Johnson. 4, Trever Vann. 5, Ethan Vance.

6, Mitchell Coulter.

HEAT 2 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Donald McIntosh. 3, Zoe Hannah. 4, Bryce Weldon. 5, Krew Walburn. 6, Billy Shadden.

Sport Compact

A FEATURE 1, Tyler Davis. 2, Ken Colston. 3, Kourtney Letterman. 4, Tevyn James. 5, Aaron Farwell.

HEAT 1 1, Tyler Davis. 2, Aaron Farwell. 3, Ken Colston. 4, Kourtney Letterman. 5, Tevyn James.

Enduro Race

A FEATURE 1, Derek Wilson. 2,Jeremy Wilson 3,Scott Stuart 4, Tim VanGotten 5, Rick Mueller 6. Floyd Pate 7. TC Balthazor 8. Troy Batson 9. Derrel Becker

Fri, July 3rd, 2015

                         McCarthy Auto Group

                 24nd Annual Modified Shootout



1.$2,000 2.$1,200, 3.$1,000, 4.$800, 5.$600, 6.$400

7. $300, 8.$200, 9-20th. $150        


                   Modified Car and Driver - $100

     Pit Passes - $30 /Adults - $13 / Kid’s (6-12) - $5


                 USRA B-Mods - $500 to Win,

             Also running Stock and Pure Stock

                     NO COMPACT CARS


         USRA Points and Track Points Apply

                 Gates open at 6, races at 8.  


Past Winners:

1992 – Randy Zimmerman         2003 – Justin Folk

1993 – John Allen,                       2004 – Jason Hughes

1994 – Robert Coffman             2005 – Rodney Sigg

1995 - Jeff Cutshaw                   2006 – Steven Bowers

1996 – Randy Zimmerman         2007 – Johnny Bone Jr.

1997 – Randy Zimmerman         2008 – Johnny Bone Jr.

1998 – Justin Folk                        2009 – Justin Folk

1999- Kelly Shyrock                     2010 – Johnny Bone Jr.

2000 – Tom Charles                     2011 – Rained Out

2001 – Rodney Sigg                     2012 – Johnny Bone Jr.

2002 – Justin Folk                       2013 – Jeremy Payne

                                                       2014 – Jeremy Payne

Story By: Scott L. Stewart

It seems hard to believe, but June 5th, 2015 marked the midpoint of the season at Humboldt Speedway. And, after a half season of full throttle action, Mid-Season Champions have been anointed. They are:
    Sport Compact: Tyler Davis, #01jr, Chanute, Ks.
    Pure Stock: Mike Churning, #13C, Chanute, Ks.
    B-Mods: Riley Whitworth, #R63, Humboldt, Ks.
    Stock Car: Patrick Kay, #16, Chanute, Ks.
    USRA Modifieds: John Allen, #98, Chanute, Ks.

 In addition to crowning the mid-season Kings, there was a whole world of racing action as well.

It’s been many a year since a driver, especially a youngster, finished half a season undefeated in feature action. Enter Tyler Davis, who did exactly that in Sport Compacts. However, when your on top, you become somewhat notorious. In this case, an anonymous donor offered up a $50.00 bounty to any driver who could outrun Davis in the feature.

 From out of Independence came a young man; Will Guthrie, who locked up in wheel to wheel combat with Davis and the others, and emerged victorious. Oh yes, this was also Guthrie’s first ever feature win anywhere! Davis finished a hard fought second, with Lance Dixon third and Tevyn James fourth.

Incredibly, up to now, there had been a different USRA Modified feature winner each week at The Hummer in 2015. Darrin Fuqua became this seasons first repeat winner, with a 20 lap wire to wire victory. Jeremy Chambers held of John Allen for runner up, Terry Schultz took fourth, and Shad Badder claimed fifth.

Tyler Kidwell overcame a half years worth of mechanical hard luck by dominating the USRA B-Mod feature. Kidwell relegated Jake Richards to second, Andy Bryant third, Bryan McGowen fourth, and Randal Schiffelbein, Jr. to fifth.

 Pure Stock ace Derrek Wilson returned to victory lane in Friday’s feature, pacing  Mike Churning, Wayne Johnson, Don McIntosh, and Scott Lucke.

 In Stock Car division feature action, Levi McGowen wrestled the lead and the win from Tyler James, while Scott Collins battled his way to a third place finish. Fourth went to Patrick Kay, with Matt Haid fifth.

 June 5th also marked the first Kid’s Bicycle Race of the season, where three age groups contended. Congratulations to the top three in each group:

6 and under:
    Darrin Folk
    Delaney Mock
    Matthew Clounch

7 to 9:
    Easton Wettstein
    Caden Vink
    Spikey Rodriguez

10 to 12:

    Trenton Wilson
    Dillion Shields
    Ayden John

No racing at The Hummer June 12th, we will resume June 19th. Look for a $1000.00 to win Enduro race coming soon.                                               


Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod

A FEATURE   1, Tyler Kidwell. 2, Jake Richards. 3, Andy Bryant. 4, Brian McGowen. 5, Mike Higley. 6, Matt Rose. 7, Riley Whitworth. 8, Tim VanGotten. 9, Randal Schiffelbein Jr. 10, Brandon

 Jones. 11, Cody Brill. 12, Tim Phillips. 13, Jimmie Davis. 14, Mike Letterman. 15, Mark Hunziger. 16, Jay Purkey. 17, Kenton Allen. 18, Brian Walburn. 19, Tony Filbert. 20, Monty Mitchell. 21, Ryan Smith.

HEAT 1   1, Tyler Kidwell. 2, Jake Richards. 3, Randal Schiffelbein Jr. 4, Tim VanGotten. 5, Mark Hunziger. 6, Jimmie Davis. 7, Tony Filbert.

HEAT 2   1, Matt Rose. 2, Brian McGowen.3. Mike Higley 4. Tim Phillips 5 Cody Brill 6 Jay Purkey 7 Brian Walburn

HEAT 3   1, Andy Bryant. 2, Riley Whitworth. 3, Brandon Jones. 4, Mike Letterman. 5, Kenton

Allen. 6, Monty Mitchell. 7, Ryan Smith.

McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified

A FEATURE   1, Darron Fuqua. 2, Jeremy Chambers. 3, John Allen. 4, Terry Schultz. 5, Shad Badder. 6, Josh Everhart. 7, Chase Domer. 8, Scott Daniels. 9, Jay Purkey. 10, Marc Hurd. 11, Dennis Bishop. 12, Justin Becker. 13, Lewis Jackson. 14, Justin Johnson. 15, Paden Phillips. 16, Robbie Test. 17, Chase Sigg. 18, Jon Sheets. 19, Jesse Folk Jr. 20, Tad Davis

B FEATURE   1, Lewis Jackson. 2, Robbie Test. 3, Marc Hurd. 4, Jay Purkey. 5, Jesse Folk Jr. 6, Chase Sigg. 7, Gene Hogan. 8, Colton Eck. 9, Darren Robinson. 10, Robby Love. 11, Lance Town

HEAT 1   1, Paden Phillips. 2, Jeremy Chambers. 3, Dennis Bishop. 4, Lewis Jackson. 5, Jay Purkey. 6, Lance Town. 7, Jesse Folk Jr.

HEAT 2   1, John Allen. 2, Josh Everhart. 3, Terry Schultz. 4, Chase Domer. 5, Colton Eck. 6, Chase Sigg.

HEAT 3   1, Darron Fuqua. 2, Jon Sheets. 3, Scott Daniels. 4, Justin Becker. 5, Robby Love. 6, Darren Robinson.

HEAT 4  1, Tad Davis. 2, Shad Badder. 3, Justin Johnson. 4, Robbie Test. 5, Marc Hurd. 6, Gene Hogan.

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock

A FEATURE  1, Derrek Wilson.2, Mike Churning. 3, Wayne Johnson. 4, Donald McIntosh. 5, Scott Lucke. 6, Zoe Hannah. 7, Joey DeCoster. 8, Krew Walburn. 9, Ethan Vance. 10, Billy Shadden.

HEAT 1   1, Wayne Johnson. 2, Mike Churning. 3,Donald McIntosh. 4, Zoe Hannah. 5, Billy Shadden.

HEAT 2   1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Scott Lucke. 3, Joey DeCoster. 4, Ethan Vance. 5, Krew Walburn.

Sport Compact

A FEATURE   1, Will Guthrie. 2, Tyler Davis. 3, Lance Dixon. 4, Tevyn James. 5, Drake Barker. 6, Aaron Farwell.

HEAT 1   1, Tyler Davis. 2, Lance Dixon. 3, Will Guthrie. 4, Tevyn James. 5, Aaron Farwell. 6, Drake Barker.


A FEATURE   1, Levi McGowen.2, Tyler James. 3, Scott Collins. 4, Patrick Kay. 5, Matt Haid. 6, Russ Moyer. 7, Daryl Drake. 8, Chance Stevenson. 9, David Matlock.

HEAT 1   1, Tyler James. 2, Daryl Drake. 3, Levi McGowen. 4, Scott Collins. 5, Russ Moyer.

HEAT 2   1, Patrick Kay. 2, Matt Haid. 3, Chance Stevenson. 4, David Matlock.

Bicycle Races to 3 Finishes

Up to age 6:   1 Barron Folk2 Delaney Marr 3 Matthew Clounch

Age 7 – 9:   1 Easton Wettstein2 Caden Vink 3 Spikey Rodriques

Age 10 – 12:   1 Trenton Wilson2 Dillon Shield 3 Ayden John

Story By: Scott L. Stewart

The lure of added money brings new talent to any speedway, especially in what is considered by many (somewhat mistakenly, in this writers opinion), to be a “support class.” Thus, when promoters Rhenda and Ryan Whitworth offered a chance for B-Mod racers to “buy in” at $10.00 for a chance to win $500.00, the challenge was eagerly accepted.

From out of Hermitage, Mo. came Mike Striegel, who has been to several Hummer big events in the past and has done well. This night proved to be exceptional, as Striegel launched from the A-Main pole and led wire to wire for the feature win. Serious competition for runner up saw Brian McGowen take the spot, even applying late lap heat to the winner. Jim Body finished third, Tyler Kidwell fourth, and Jimmie Davis fifth.

Tad Davis of Mt. Hope, Ks ran an intense A-Mod feature, fending off the intense challenges posed by runner up John Allen to record the feature win. Ben Kates emerged in third place, Jeremy Chambers fourth, and Paden Phillips fifth.


Factory Stock Mid Season champ Mike Churning showed the way for the rest of the field, victorious in this weeks feature. Derrek Wilson took second, wayne Johnson third, Don Mcintosh fourth and Jon Westhoff fifth.

Tyler James wowed the Humboldt crowd with a last lap pass of Robert Garst to score the Stock Car division feature win. Garst, obviously, was second, Patrick Kay, Scott Collins, and Russ Moyer rounded out the top five.

In Sport Compact action, Tyler Davis remains the man to beat, adding another feature win. Tevyn James was second, Kourtney Letterman third, and Aaron Farwell fourth.

Humboldt Speedway’s first ever Enduro race is scheduled for next week, along with the regular program. The Enduro pays $1000.00 to win, and spans 100 laps.        


Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod

A FEATURE   1, Mike Striegel. 2, Brian McGowen. 3, Jim Body. 4, Tyler Kidwell. 5, Jimmie Davis. 6, Nick Newton. 7, Tim VanGotten. 8, Mike Letterman. 9, Ben Solberg. 10, Chuck Dobson.

11, Matt Rose. 12, Dwight Niehoff. 13, Cayden Campbell. 14, Mark Hunziger. 15, Dawson Smylie. 16, Mandy Chick. 17, Craig Mintz. 18, Shawn Kisling. 19, Luke Phillips. 20, Andy Bryant

B FEATURE   1, Nick Newton. 2, Jimmie Davis. 3, Cayden Campbell. 4, Tim VanGotten. 5, Mark Hunziger. 6, Dwight Niehoff. 7, Luke Phillips. 8, Mandy Chick. 9, Dawson Smylie. 10, Robbe Ewing. 11, Kenton Allen.

HEAT 1   1, Jim Body. 2, Craig Mintz. 3, Dwight Niehoff. 4, Shawn Kisling. 5, Cayden Campbell. 6, Tim Phillips. 7, Mark Hunziger.

HEAT 2   1, Mike Striegel. 2, Matt Rose. 3, Riley Whitworth. 4, Jimmie Davis. 5, Tim VanGotten.

6, Mandy Chick.

HEAT 3   1, Brian McGowen. 2, Andy Bryant. 3, Ben Solberg. 4, Nick Newton. 5, Robbe Ewing. 6, Jared Hayden.

HEAT 4   1, Tyler Kidwell. 2, Chuck Dobson. 3, Mike Letterman. 4, Kenton Allen. 5, Dawson Smylie. 6, Luke Phillips.

McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified

A FEATURE   1, Tad Davis.2, John Allen. 3, Ben Kates. 4, Jeremy Chambers. 5, Paden Phillips. 6, Chase Sigg. 7, Dalton Kirk. 8, Dennis Bishop. 9, Jessy Willard. 10, Scott Daniels. 11, Josh Most. 12, Chase Domer. 13, Ryan Schaffer. 14, Jerry Morgan. 15, Jim Body. 16, Daniel Wosoba. 17, Robby Love. 18, Chad Thomsen. 19, Scotty Bough.

HEAT 1   1, Tad Davis. 2, Chase Sigg. 3, Paden Phillips. 4, Ryan Schaffer. 5, Jerry Morgan. 6, Jim Body. 7, Chad Thomsen.

HEAT 2   1, John Allen. 2, Dennis Bishop. 3, Scotty Bough. 4, Dalton Kirk. 5, Josh Most. 6, Chase Domer.

HEAT 3   1, Ben Kates. 2, Jeremy Chambers. 3, Scott Daniels. 4, Jesse Folk Jr. 5, Robby Love. 6,

Daniel Wosoba. 7, Jessy Willard.

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock

A FEATURE   1, Mike Churning. 2, Derrek Wilson. 3, Wayne Johnson. 4, Donald McIntosh. 5, Jon Westhoff. 6, Joey DeCoster. 7, Brayton Skaggs. 8, Zoe Hannah. 9, Krew Walburn. 10, Coy Chism.

HEAT 1   1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Brayton Skaggs. 3, Donald McIntosh. 4, Krew Walburn. 5, Coy Chism. 6, Benjamin Haddox.

HEAT 2   1, Mike Churning. 2, Wayne Johnson. 3, Jon Westhoff. 4, Zoe Hannah. 5, Joey DeCoster.

 6, Trever Vann.

Sport Compact

A FEATURE   1, Tyler Davis. 2, Tevyn James. 3, Kourtney Letterman. 4, Aaron Farwell.

HEAT 1   1, Aaron Farwell. 2, Tyler Davis. 3, Tevyn James. 4, Kourtney Letterman.


A FEATURE   1, Tyler James. 2, Robert Garst. 3, Patrick Kay. 4, Scott Collins. 5, Russ Moyer.

HEAT 1   1, Robert Garst. 2, Patrick Kay. 3, Tyler James. 4, Russ Moyer. 5, Scott Collins. 6, Chance Stevenson. 7, Tyler Vincent.

Over the last two weeks, an overabundance of rain has washed out racing action at Humboldt Speedway, much as everywhere in the area. Thus, when the sky finally stopped falling on Sunday, May 31, drivers and fans alike flocked to The Hummer, eager to pursue their passion; dirt track racing.

Safe to say, no one left unsatisfied.

Jon Sheets of Nevada, Mo. Led a 20 lap, no caution USRA Modified feature wire to wire, in a performance no one could match. It was Sheet’s first Humboldt feature win of ‘15, and thus he earned an extra $200.00 from promoters Rhenda and Ryan Whitworth; a little incentive to make things more interesting since, to date, no one has scored two Modified feature wins this year. The battle for the balance of the top five was awesome: Chase Domer flourished late and passed Tad Davis for runner up, with Justin Rexwinkle fourth, and Terry Schultz fifth.

Back on the first night of the regular 2015 season, Ben Haddox of South Coffeyville, OK, won the pure stock feature by barrel rolling across the checkered flag, a crash that most felt had destroyed the car. However, the resilient Haddox rebuilt his racer, and returned to victory lane at The Hummer again this week.Haddox, too, led wire to wire, while Mike Churning made an awesome pass of Deek Wilson to tag second place. Wilson scored third, Jon Westhoff was fourth, and Brayton Skaggs finished fifth.

Diamond, Mo. Driver “Diamond” Jim Body, covered the B-Mod field handily to take home this weeks feature trophy, despite intense pressure from runner up Brian McGowen and third place finisher Tim Phillips. Andy Bryant and Rusty Skaggs completed the top five.

 Tyler James and Patrick Kay were all in all out door to door in Stock Car division action, with James gaining the upper hand an the win. P.K. was second, Devin Irvin tallied third, Jerry Brown fourth and Scott Collins fifth.

 Meanwhile, Tyler Davis remains undefeated in Sport Compact feature action this year at The Hummer. Aaron Farwell refused to be stopped by a flat tire, and held on for second, while Tevyn James was third.

Friday, July 5thwill be Mid Season Championship Night at Humboldt Speedway. And, at halftime, the youngsters will showcase their skills in the bicycle races.


Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod

A FEATURE  1, Jim Body. 2, Brian McGowen. 3, Tim Phillips. 4, Andy Bryant. 5, Rusty Skaggs. 6, Tyler Kidwell. 7, Jimmie Davis. 8, Tim VanGotten. 9, Riley Whitworth. 10, Brandon Jones. 11, Craig Mintz. 12, Jay Bailey. 13, Mike Letterman. 14, Doug Scism. 15, Kenny Shaw. 16, Tim Shields. 17, Brent Bloom. 18, Dawson Smylie. 19, Mark Hunziger. 20,Dustin Beasley

B FEATURE   1, Brandon Jones. 2, Mike Letterman. 3, Tyler Kidwell. 4, Jay Bailey. 5, Shawn Kisling. 6, Phillip Caddy. 7, Robbe Ewing. 8, Kenton Allen. 9, Morgan Frewaldt. 10, Monty Mitchell. 11, Ryan Smith.


HEAT 1  1, Rusty Skaggs. 2, Jimmie Davis. 3, Mark Hunziger. 4, Dawson Smylie. 5, Monty Mitchell. 6, Morgan Frewaldt. 7, Luke Phillips.

HEAT 2   1, Andy Bryant 2. Brian McGowen. 3, Kenny Shaw. 4, Dustin Beisley. 5, Mike Letterman. 6 Phillip Caddy. 7 Jay Bailey. 8, Joe Quick.

HEAT 3   1, Tim Phillips. 2, Craig Mintz. 3, Brent Bloom. 4, Doug Scism. 5, Ryan Smith. 6, Kenton Allen. 7, Alex Christensen.

HEAT 4   1, Jim Body. 2, Riley Whitworth. 3, Tim VanGotten. 4, Tim Shields. 5, Brandon Jones. 6, Tyler Kidwell. 7, Robbe Ewing. 8, Shawn Kisling.


McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified

A FEATURE   1, Jon Sheets. 2, Chase Domer. 3, Tad Davis. 4, Justin Rexwinkle. 5, Terry Schultz. 6, Johnny Fennewald. 7, Darron Fuqua. 8, Jeremy Chambers. 9, John Allen. 10, Jim Body. 11, Andy Morris. 12, Jessy Willard. 13, Paden Phillips. 14, Scotty Bough. 15, Chase Sigg. 16, Dennis Bishop. 17, Levi Phillips. 18, Cody Couch. 19, Scott Daniels. 20, Jesse Folk Jr.

B FEATURE   1, Scott Daniels. 2, Jesse Folk Jr. 3, Cody Couch. 4, Levi Phillips. 5, Lewis Jackson. 6, Dan Morris. 7, Dalton Kirk. 8, Allan Broers. 9, Daniel Wosoba. 10, Robby Love. 11, Corey Weir

HEAT 1   1, Jon Sheets. 2, Jim Body. 3, Andy Morris. 4, Dennis Bishop. 5, Cody Couch. 6, Dalton Kirk. 7, Dan Morris.

HEAT 2   1, Justin Rexwinkle. 2, Chase Domer. 3, John Allen. 4, Chase Sigg. 5, Scott Daniels. 6, Levi Phillips. 7, Allan Broers.

HEAT 3   1, Terry Schultz. 2, Tad Davis. 3, Jessy Willard. 4, Paden Phillips. 5, Lewis Jackson. 6, Robby Love. 7, Corey Weir.

HEAT 4  1, Jeremy Chambers. 2, Johnny Fennewald. 3, Darron Fuqua. 4, Scotty Bough. 5, Jesse Folk Jr. 6, Daniel Wosoba.

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock

A FEATURE   1, Benjamin Haddox. 2, Mike Churning. 3, Derrek Wilson. 4, Jon Westhoff. 5, Brayton Skaggs. 6, Trever Vann. 7, Wayne Johnson. 8, Joey DeCoster. 9, Bryan Conner. 10, Krew Walburn. 11, Jason Agee. 12, Ethan Vance. 13, Scott Stuart. 14, Jon Odell. 15, Donald McIntosh. 16, Frank Miller. 17, Stephen Brandt.

HEAT 1   1, Jon Westhoff. 2, Derrek Wilson. 3, Wayne Johnson. 4, Brayton Skaggs. 5, Bryan Conner. 6, Krew Walburn.

HEAT 2   1, Benjamin Haddox. 2, Mike Churning. 3, Scott Stuart. 4, Joey DeCoster. 5,Donald McIntosh. 6, Stephen Brandt.

HEAT 3   1, Jon Odell. 2, Trever Vann. 3, Jason Agee. 4, Frank Miller. 5, Ethan Vance.

Sport Compact

A FEATURE   1, Tyler Davis.2, Aaron Farwell. 3, Tevyn James.

HEAT 1   1, Tyler Davis. 2, Aaron Farwell. 3, Tevyn James.



A FEATURE   1, Tyler James. 2, Patrick Kay. 3, Devin Irvin. 4, Jerry Brown. 5, Scott Collins. 6, Jason Parks. 7, Lucas Owen. 8, Tyler Hopson. 9, Chance Stevenson. 10, Cody Vail. 11, Daryl Drake. 12, Ken Colston.

HEAT 1   1, Patrick Kay. 2, Scott Collins. 3, Jerry Brown. 4, Ken Colston. 5, Tyler Hopson. 6, Daryl Drake.

HEAT 2   1, Tyler James. 2, Devin Irvin. 3, Jason Parks. 4, Cody Vail. 5, Chance Stevenson. 6, Lucas Owen.


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McCarthy Auto Group Modified Shooto...

Fri, July 3rd, 2015          &nbs [ ... ]


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Over the last two weeks, an overabundance of rain has washed out racing actio [ ... ]


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