This Friday Night Mechanic Races at end of night.

Friday, Sept 5th - Last Points Races Of Season. Powder Puff following.

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Photo: Dayton Sutterby

There are only three weeks left in the regular season at Humboldt Speedway, and it appears that, at this point, the season championships in all four divisions may go right down to the wire. In other words, every car passed counts, and everyone knows it. Stand by, race fans, for some intense racing action!

As water fell from the skies over Humboldt, Jeremy Chambers took a commanding win in this weeks USRA Modified feature. Though the race was shortened 5 laps due to rain, Chambers had this one well in hand, despite an outstanding effort by Jess Folk, Jr., who overcame a long siege of mechanical issues to finish runner up. Darron Fuqua finished in third, Chase Domer and Dalton Kirk rounded out the “Fab Five”.

Rain had no bearing on the other features, especially a flawless performance by Jeremy Wilson in the USRA Stock Car feature. Smooth as glass, Wilson wired the field, while eventual runner up Tyler James and third place Patrick Kay traded spots several times in the event. David Matlock was fourth, Scott Collins fifth.

Andy Bryant tracked down Dakota Foster to claim the USRA B-Mod feature, and relegated Foster to second. Tim Phillips turned in a strong third, Dusty Campbell finished fourth, and Tim VanGotten was fifth.

Benjamin Haddox ventured North from Oklahoma to win the Whitworth Construction Pure Stock feature this week, while Derrek Wilson used his runner up spot to help pad a narrow season points lead. Third went to Mike Churning, Zac Simmons was fourth, and Sean Felkins fifth.


Big action next week; Friday is $25.00 Lap night, where each lap is sponsored by a group or individual who gets to choose what class and lap to sponsor, the leader of that lap gets the $25.00. Saturday, the Mirza Shrine presents the first ever School Bus Races at Humboldt, where at least 18 full size; 53 foot long school busses, driven by local talent, will compete against one another. (Just a note folks: a 53 foot long bus is going to be a challenge to pass when your bus is the same length! Come see what happens! The rules clearly state this is not a Demo Derby. We’ll see!)



A FEATURE 1, Andy Bryant. 2, Dakota Foster. 3, Tim Phillips. 4, Dustin Campbell. 5, Tim VanGotten. 6, Jimmie Davis. 7, Mike Letterman. 8, Ethan Isaacs. 9, Blake Kisner. 10, Mandy Chick.

HEAT 1 1, Dakota Foster. 2, Tim Phillips. 3, Tim VanGotten. 4, Mike Letterman. 5, Ethan Isaacs

6, Mandy Chick.

HEAT 2 1, Andy Bryant. 2, Jimmie Davis. 3, Dustin Campbell. 4, Blake Kisner. 5, Dalton Kirk.


A FEATURE 1, Jeremy Chambers. 2, Jesse Folk Jr. 3, Darron Fuqua. 4, Chase Domer. 5, Dalton Kirk. 6, Gene Hogan. 7, Terry Schultz. 8, Travis Smith. 9, Lucas Conley. 10, Scott Daniels.

11, Mike Lawrence. 12, Josh Everhart. 13, Allan Broers. 14, Van Gemmill. 15, Jerry Morgan. 16, Dennis Bishop. 17, Chase Sigg. 18, Paden Phillips.

HEAT 1 1, Jesse Folk Jr. 2, Gene Hogan. 3, Chase Domer. 4, Paden Phillips. 5, Scott Daniels. 6, Van Gemmill.

HEAT 2 1, Dalton Kirk. 2, Jeremy Chambers. 3, Mike Lawrence. 4, Lucas Conley. 5, Allan Broers. 6, Jerry Morgan.

HEAT 3 1, Josh Everhart. 2, Darron Fuqua. 3, Travis Smith. 4, Terry Schultz. 5, Chase Sigg. 6, Dennis Bishop.


A FEATURE 1, Benjamin Haddox. 2, Derrek Wilson. 3, Mike Churning. 4, Zac Simmons. 5, Sean Felkins. 6, Wayne Johnson. 7, Mitchell Coulter. 8, Stetson Deets. 9, Zoe Hannah. 10, Coy Chism. 11, Kris Dupuy. 12, Brandon Weide. 13, Kason Carroll. 14, Donald McIntosh. 15, Chris Peacock. 16, Justin Shadden

HEAT 1 1, Benjamin Haddox. 2, Mike Churning. 3, Derrek Wilson. 4, Stetson Deets. 5, Donald McIntosh. 6, Chris Peacock.

HEAT 2 1, Kason Carroll. 2, Mitchell Coulter. 3, Brandon Weide. 4, Wayne Johnson. 5, Coy Chism. 6, Justin Shadden.

HEAT 3 1, Sean Felkins. 2, Zac Simmons. 3, Zoe Hannah. 4, Kris Dupuy. 5, Joey DeCoster.


A FEATURE 1, Jeremy Wilson. 2, Tyler James. 3, Patrick Kay. 4, David Matlock. 5, Scott Collins. 6, Jason Thurman. 7, Ken Colston.

HEAT 1 1, Jeremy Wilson. 2, Patrick Kay. 3, David Matlock. 4, Tyler James. 5, Scott Collins. 6,

Ken Colston. 7, Jason Thurman.


As each racing season begins to wind down, the United States Modified Touring Series, a.k.a. USMTS, begins a series of events know as “The Hunt”. Similar to NASCAR’s “The Chase”, USMTS drivers participate in a series of races at dirt tracks all across the United States in a quest to be crowned National Champion.

Right now, Happy, Texas driver Rodney Sanders is on a roll. Despite a mechanical failure Thursday in Wichita that resulted in a rare Did Not Finish, Sanders is riding an impressive win streak that continued Friday night at Humboldt Speedway.

Starting from the outside front row position, Sanders led the field for nearly all of the 24 car, 40 lap main event. After a series of fun to watch duels behind the winner, Cade Dillard of Robeline, LA. Took the runner up spot. Mayetta, KS. Driver Darron Fuqua was third, With Zack Vanderbeek from New Sharon, IA. Fourth and Dereck Ramirez from Woodward, OK. fifth.

In USRA B-Mod action, Ethan Isaacs of Bonner Springs, KS continues his winning ways, while Ft. Scott’s Andy Bryant was second. Current points champ and local favorite Jimmie Davis took third, Tim VanGotten and Lucas Issacs rounded out the top five.

USRA Stock Car division feature was paced wire to wire by the leader of the “Usual Suspects”, Jeremy Wilson. David Matlock was this week’s runner up, Tyler James claimed third, and Patrick Kay and Scott Collins were fourth and fifth.



A FEATURE 1, Ethan Isaacs. 2, Andy Bryant. 3, Jimmie Davis. 4, Tim VanGotten. 5, Lucas Isaacs. 6, Randal Schiffelbein Jr. 7, Levi McGowen. 8, Dylan Allen. 9, Riley Whitworth. 10, Dirk Brown. 11, Brandon Jones. 12, Mike Letterman. 13, Tim Phillips. 14, Yancy Shepard. 15, Tim Brown. 16, Jayden Bears. 17, Jay Bailey. 18, Kris Jackson. 19, Terry Bivins.

HEAT 1 1, Ethan Isaacs. 2, Jimmie Davis. 3, Brandon Jones. 4, Dylan Allen. 5, Mike Letterman. 6, Jay Bailey. 7, Jayden Bears.

HEAT 2 1, Tim Brown. 2, Andy Bryant. 3, Yancy Shepard. 4, Lucas Isaacs. 5, Tim Phillips. 6, Terry Bivins.

HEAT 3 1, Kris Jackson. 2, Levi McGowen. 3, Tim VanGotten. 4, Randal Schiffelbein Jr. 5, Riley Whitworth. 6, Dirk Brown.


A FEATURE 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Chance Monday. 3, Wayne Johnson. 4, Mike Churning. 5, Chris Deets. 6, Sean Felkins. 7, Lance Coulter. 8, Dustin Lawrence. 9, Zoe Hannah. 10, Joey DeCoster. 11, Coy Chism. 12, Kris Dupuy. 13, Donald McIntosh.

HEAT 1 1, Mike Churning. 2, Sean Felkins. 3, Coy Chism. 4, Zoe Hannah. 5, Kris Dupuy. 6, Dustin Lawrence. 7, Donald McIntosh.

HEAT 2 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Chance Monday. 3, Chris Deets. 4, Wayne Johnson. 5, Lance Coulter. 6, Joey DeCoster. 7, Benjamin Haddox.


A FEATURE 1, Jeremy Wilson. 2, David Matlock. 3, Tyler James. 4, Patrick Kay. 5, Scott Collins. 6, Ken Colston. 7, Tyler Vincent.

HEAT 1 1, Jeremy Wilson. 2, Tyler James. 3, Scott Collins. 4, David Matlock. 5, Patrick Kay. 6, Ken Colston. 7, Tyler Vincent.


A FEATURE 1. Rodney Sanders, 2. Cade Dillard 3. Darron Fugua 4, Zack VanderBeek, 5. Dereck Ramirez 6. Jesse Stovall 7. Johnny Scott 8. Austin Seibert 9. John Allen 10. Terry Schultz 11. Trevor Hunt 12. Joe Duvall 13. Jake Gallardo 14. Kelly Shryock 15. Jeff Cutshaw 16. Lance Town 17. Daniel Hilsabeck 18. Stormy Scott 19. Scott Daniels 20. Grant Junghans 21. Jess Folk Jr. 22. Jeremy Chambers 23. Rick Beebe 24. Jon Sheets

B FEATURE 1. Stormy Scott 2. Daniel Hilsabeck 3. Jon Sheets 4. Jeff Cutshaw 5. Lance Town 6. Joe Duvall 7. Matt Dotson 8. Jake Gallardo 9. Jason Pursley 10. Dennis Bishop 11. Jim Body

B FEATURE 1. Jessy Stovall 2. John Allen 3. Rick Beebe 4. Kelly Shryock 5. Jeremy Chambers 6. Scotty Bough 7. Travis Smith 8. Thomas Tillison Jr. 9. Austin Theiss 10. Paden Phillips

HEAT 1 1. Johnny Scott 2. Cade Dillard 3. Darron Fuqua 4. Lance Town 5. John Allen 6. Jon Sheets 7. Matt Dotson 8. Jim Body 9. Dennis Bishop

HEAT 2 1. Rodney Sanders 2. Dereck Ramirez 3. Terry Schultz 4. Jesse Stovall 5. Stormy Scott 6. Thomas Tillison Jr. 7. Scotty Bough 8. Jeremy Chanbers

HEAT 3 1. Austin Seibert 2. Jess Folk Jr. 3. Trevor Hunt 4. Daniel Hilsabeck 5. Kelly Shryock, 6. Jake Gallardo 7. Joe Duvall 8. Jason Pursley

HEAT 4 1. Scott Daniels 2. Zack VanderBeek 3. Grant Junghans 4. Jeff Cutshaw 5. Paden Phillips 6. Rick Beebe 7. Travis Smith 8. Austin Theiss

Photo: Dayton Sutterby

After a week off, Humboldt Speedway action was hotter than ever on August 1st.

Observe if you will the USRA B-Mod feature, where Andy Bryant and Tim VanGotten were wheel to wheel for multiple laps in pursuit of the lead. Bryant was in front, VanGotten trying to pass and, at the same time, trying to hold off Riley Whitworth, when the trio sailed into lapped traffic. Desperate, Bryant tapped a lapped car, which spun, brining out the yellow flag with three laps left. Bryant was sent to the rear for rough driving, and on the ensuing restart, Jimmie Davis blew by Whitworth for second. Van Gotten held on for the win, Whitworth finished third, Larissa Atnip was fourth, and Tim Phillips fifth.

USRA Modified action was wide open as well, though no nearly so dramatic, as Travis Smith led wire to wire from the pole position. Here, the race was for second spot, which went to this season’s most improved driver to date, Gene Hogan. Third fell to Jerry Morgan, Jon Sheets took fourth, and Lucas Conley fifth.

Patrick Kay drove hard, trying to win his first USRA Stock Car feature of the year, only to be tracked down late in the race by Jeremy Wilson. With Kay second,  Tyler James claimed third and Ken Colston was fourth.

Pure Stock action saw outside pole sitter Derrek Wilson trump the field wire to wire. Don McIntosh was third. Mike Aiello returned to action to finish fourth, with Wayne Johnson fifth.

Next week the USMTS Modified tour will  make their summer stop at Humboldt Speedway, along with all other classes.



A FEATURE 1, Tim VanGotten. 2, Jimmie Davis. 3, Riley Whitworth. 4, Larissa Atnip. 5, Tim Phillips.6, Dylan Allen. 7, Mike Letterman. 8, Andy Bryant. 9, Ethan Isaacs. 10, Bobby Williams. 11, Mandy Chick. 12, Scotty Bough.

HEAT 1 1, Ethan Isaacs. 2, Dylan Timmermann. 3, Tim Phillips. 4, Mike Letterman. 5, Bobby Williams. 6, Dylan Allen. 7, Jarrid Johnson. 8, Mandy Chick.

HEAT 2 1, Riley Whitworth. 2, Tim VanGotten. 3, Andy Bryant. 4, Jimmie Davis. 5, Larissa Atnip. 6, Scotty Bough. 7, Ryan Smith.


A FEATURE 1, Travis Smith. 2, Gene Hogan. 3, Jerry Morgan. 4, Jon Sheets. 5, Lucas Conley. 6 Chase Domer. 7, Scott Daniels. 8, Jeremy Chambers. 9, Dalton Kirk. 10, Cody Schniepp. 11, Chase Sigg. 12, Dennis Bishop. 13, Allan Broers. 14, Scotty Bough. 15, Jesse Folk Jr. 16, Ryan Phillips.

HEAT 1 1, Travis Smith. 2, Gene Hogan. 3, Jon Sheets. 4, Scotty Bough. 5, Dalton Kirk. 6, Ryan Phillips.

HEAT 2 1, Scott Daniels. 2, Lucas Conley. 3, Jeremy Chambers. 4, Chase Domer. 5, Jesse Folk Jr.

6, Paden Phillips.

HEAT 3 1, Jerry Morgan. 2, Cody Schniepp. 3, Dennis Bishop. 4, Chase Sigg. 5, Allan Broers.


A FEATURE 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Mike Churning. 3, Donald McIntosh. 4, Michael Aiello. 5, Wayne Johnson. 6, Joey DeCoster. 7, Coy Chism. 8, Kris Dupuy. 9, Justin Shadden. 10, Chris Peacock. 11, Zac Simmons. 12, Travis Barker.

HEAT 1 1, Zac Simmons. 2 Donald McIntosh. 3, Sean Felkins. 4, Derrek Wilson. 5, Michael Aiello. 6, Brandon Weide. 7, Mike Churning.

HEAT 2 1, Wayne Johnson. 2, Kris Dupuy. 3, Travis Barker. 4, Coy Chism. 5, Chris Peacock. 6, Joey DeCoster. 7, Justin Shadden.



A FEATURE 1, Jeremy Wilson. 2, Patrick Kay. 3, Tyler James. 4, Ken Colston. 5, David Matlock. 6, Scott Collins.

HEAT 1 1, Patrick Kay. 2, David Matlock. 3, Scott Collins. 4, Tyler James. 5, Jeremy Wilson. 6, Ken Colston.


Photo: Dayton Sutterby

The need for speed runs deep in Dylan Allen’s family, at Humboldt Speedway his grandfather Wendell, and his father, John, are already legends and household names to most fans. Now, Dylan is on his way to fame, winning his first anywhere USRA B-Mod feature Friday at “The Hummer”.

This was an interesting race to watch. By winning his heat, Allen was awarded outside pole for the feature start, from where he set a smooth and agile pace, driving away from the snarling pack behind. Meanwhile, there were times where the entire rest of the field was in contention for second and third. Starting dead last in the fourteen car field after a disastrous heat finish, Andy Bryant  drove like a man possessed to move into the second slot, battling with Tim VanGotten all the way, as Allen drove away. Then, with four laps left, a yellow flag. All bets are off now, the field is nose to tail, and Bryant and VanGotten are coming on like a hurricane. Showing remarkable poise, Allen held off all comers in the final four to secure the victory. Bryant was runner up, VanGotten third, Ethan Issacs fourth, and Riley Whitworth fifth.

Out of retirement and in to Victory Lane, Whitey Folk thrilled fans with his feature win in USRA Modifieds. Travis Smith was the leader early, with Folk battling with other top five drivers for position. After wrestling his way into second, Folk set his sights squarely on the leader, bent on overcoming most of a straightaway deficit. It is hard to get close to Travis Smith when he is out in the open, yet lap after lap, Folk closed the gap, finally making a clean pass for the win. Smith claimed second, Gene Hogan was third, Jeremy Chambers fourth, and Ryan McAninch fifth.

Full size winged Sprint cars are something of a novelty at “The Hummer” so the arrival of the Oil Capital Racing Series with a field of nineteen “360” Sprints brought an added level of excitement to Friday’s event. After a few tense moment early in the race,  the fans got what they came to see, as Coweta, OK driver Kade Morton set a blazing pace on his way to victory. Second went to Johnny Kent of Tulsa, Ok, while Sapulpa, Ok driver Danny Smith finished third. The lady of the event, Shayla Waddell of Oklahoma City, OK took fourth, Michael Bookout of Tulsa, OK was fifth.

After two straight weeks of unaccustomed runner up’s, Derrek Wilson was back in the winners circle of this weeks Pure Stock event. In a rare appearance, Todd Kidwell was runner up. Wayne Johnson, Sean Felkins, and Zac Simmons rounded out the “Fab Five”.

For the second week in a row, Tyler James topped the USRA Stock Car division, with David Matlock second, Patrick Kay third, Jeremy Wilson fourth, and Ken Colston fifth.

Humboldt Speedway will be closed Friday, July 25th, but will re-open the following Friday with Kids Night.



A FEATURE 1, Dylan Allen. 2, Andy Bryant. 3, Tim VanGotten. 4, Ethan Isaacs. 5, Riley Whitworth. 6, Jimmie Davis. 7, Kenny Shaw. 8, Lucas Isaacs. 9, Buddy Thompson. 10, Mike Letterman. 11, Tim Phillips. 12, Dakota Foster. 13, Lance Lincoln. 14, Brandon Jones.

HEAT 1 1, Tim Phillips. 2, Riley Whitworth. 3, Buddy Thompson. 4, Kenny Shaw. 5, Brandon Jones. 6, Mike Letterman. 7, Andy Bryant.

HEAT 2 1, Dylan Allen. 2, Tim VanGotten. 3, Ethan Isaacs. 4, Dakota Foster. 5, Jimmie Davis. 6, Lance Lincoln. 7, Lucas Isaacs.


A FEATURE 1, Justin Folk. 2, Travis Smith. 3, Gene Hogan. 4, Jeremy Chambers. 5, Ryan McAninch. 6, Lucas Conley. 7, Scott Daniels. 8, Jerry Morgan. 9, Tad Davis. 10, Dennis Bishop. 11, Allan Broers. 12, Chase Sigg. 13, Jesse Folk Jr. 14, Tammy Mitchell. 15, Paden Phillips.

HEAT 1 1, Jerry Morgan. 2, Justin Folk. 3, Jeremy Chambers. 4, Ryan McAninch. 5, Allan Broers. 6, Paden Phillips. 7, Chase Sigg. 8, Jesse Folk Jr.

HEAT 2 1, Gene Hogan. 2, Travis Smith. 3, Scott Daniels. 4, Lucas Conley. 5, Dennis Bishop. 6,

Tad Davis. 7, Tammy Mitchell.


A FEATURE 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Todd Kidwell. 3, Wayne Johnson. 4, Sean Felkins. 5, Zac Simmons.

6, Donald McIntosh. 7, Brandon Weide. 8, Mitchell Coulter. 9, Coy Chism. 10, Kris Dupuy. 11, Justin Shadden. 12, Mike Churning.

HEAT 1 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Wayne Johnson. 3, Mike Churning. 4, Zac Simmons. 5, Coy Chism. 6, Kris Dupuy.

HEAT 2 1, Todd Kidwell. 2, Donald McIntosh. 3, Sean Felkins. 4, Mitchell Coulter. 5, Brandon Weide. 6, Justin Shadden.



A FEATURE 1, Tyler James. 2, David Matlock. 3, Patrick Kay. 4, Jeremy Wilson. 5, Ken Colston.

HEAT 1 1, Tyler James. 2, David Matlock. 3, Jeremy Wilson. 4, Patrick Kay. 5, Ken Colston.



A FEATURE 1. Kade Morton, 2 Johnny Kent, 3 Danny Smith, 4 Shayla Waddell, 5 Michael Bookout, 6 Nigel Calvert, 7 Carmen Hagin, 8 Jerry Fisher, 9 Derek Cottrell, 10 Dan Schnackenbert, 11 Blake Edwards, 12 Chance Morton, 13 Glen Passmore, 14 Perry Pickard, 15 Alex DeCamp, 16 Brian McCleeland

HEAT 1 1 Brian McClelland, 2 Nigel Calvert, 3 Danny Smith, 4 Kade Morton, 5 Shayla Waddell, 6 Cameron Hagin, 7 Dan Schnackenbert

HEAT 2 1 Glen Passmore, 2 Chance Morton, 3 Alex DeCamp, 4 Jerry Fisher, 5 Casey Willis, 6 David Stephenson

HEAT 3 1 Johnny Kent, 2 Blake Edwards, 3 Derek Cottrell, 4 Perry Pickard, 5 Michell Bookout, 6 Andrew Deal


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