Practice Wed, March 11th for anyone from 6-9 p.m. King Of America race Thurs-Sat. Thursday ad Friday Gates open at 5:00, Races at 7:00. Adults - $20  Kid's (6-12) - $5, Saturday Gates open at 4:00, races at 6:00. Adults - $25, Kid's - $5

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Photo: Dayton Sutterby

by Scott Lee Stewart

Several hundred fans braved a fierce wind chill on Saturday, the 16th of March, to watch the first points night of the 2013 season at Humboldt Speedway.

The seasons first repeat feature winner is Derrek Wilson, running strong in Pure Stock after moving down this year from Factory Stock class. Wilson earned a pole position by winning his heat race, and used that spot to wire the field, much like last week's effort. Jeremy Bennett turned in a strong performance in securing the second spot. Third place went to Jeremy Willard, Levi Phillips and Kyle Rowland rounded out the top five.

Factory Stocks made their maiden appearance Saturday, and veteran Scott Stuart began exactly where he left off, handily winning the feature race. Back from B-Mods, Jeremy Wilson tagged the runner up spot. Rick Aielo looks to join Stuart and Wilson as major players in the division, although mechanical issues relegated him to third spot this week. Patrick Kay finished fourth, with newcomer Adam Popp in fifth.

Tim VanGotten had the B-Mod feature field covered this week, holding off a determined Jeremy Chambers for the win. Jake Richards was third, ahead of Seth Schorer and Randal Schiffelbein, Jr.

With the third annual King Of America event days away, several USRA Modified teams came to The Hummer for seat time. None, however, had anything for feature winner Jeremy Payne. Payne wired the field, and would appear to be a strong contender in future events. Ryan McAmincet took the runner up spot, with Tanner Mullins a strong third. Jackie Dalton was fourth, with Justin Rexwinkle fifth.

King Of America action begins with Wednesday night practice sessions from 6 to 9 pm. on March 20th. That night, there is no charge for grandstand seating, and pit passes are $20.00. Thursday, the 21st, begins the qualifying portion of the event, with more racing Friday night, and the main Event Saturday. B-Mods and USRA/USMTS Modifieds will be in action. With 120 Modifeds pre-registered, the total car count is expected to be in the neighborhood of 200.


Ray’s Metal Depot B-Mod

A FEATURE 1, Tim VanGotten. 2, Jeremy Chambers. 3, Jake Richards. 4, Seth Schroer. 5, Randal Schiffelbein Jr. 6, Mike Letterman. 7, Jimmie Davis. 8, Jon Westhoff. 9, Curt Drake. 10, Ethan Isaacs. 11, Jason Thurman. 12, Blake Kisner. 13, Dakota Foster. 14, Ryan Morisset. 15, Bryan LaRiviere. 16, Blake Davis. 17, Tyler Kidwell. 18, Mike Shaddy.

HEAT 1 1, Tim VanGotten. 2, Jeremy Chambers. 3, Jon Westhoff. 4, Tyler Kidwell. 5, Bryan LaRiviere. 6, Ethan Isaacs. 7, Blake Davis.

HEAT 2 1, Dakota Foster. 2, Randal Schiffelbein Jr. 3, Jake Richards. 4, Blake Kisner. 5, Seth Schroer. 6, Curt Drake.

HEAT 3 1, Mike Letterman. 2, Jason Thurman. 3, Jimmie Davis. 4, Ryan Morisset. 5, Mike Shaddy. 6, Josh Wood.


A FEATURE 1, Scott Stuart. 2, Jeremy Wilson. 3, Rick Aiello. 4, Patrick Kay. 5, Adam Popp. 6, Curtis Woods. 7, Tim Phillips. 8, Tyler Vincent. 9, Jay Lamons Jr. 10, David Matlock. (DNS).

HEAT 1 1, Scott Stuart. 2, Adam Popp. 3, Patrick Kay. 4, Tim Phillips. 5, David Matlock.

HEAT 2 1, Jeremy Wilson. 2, Rick Aiello. 3, Curtis Woods. 4, Tyler Vincent. 5, Jay Lamons Jr.

McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified

A FEATURE 1, Jeremy Payne. 2, Ryan McAmincet. 3, Tanner Mullens. 4, Jackie Dalton. 5, Justin Rexwinkle. 6, Justin Folk. 7, John Allen. 8, Terry Schultz. 9, Luke Driskell. 10, Adam Schrag. 11, Jared Rogers. 12, Michael Maggard. 13, Justin Johnson. 14, Cody Schniepp. 15, Chris Tonoli. 16, Jon Sheets. 17, Jesse Folk Jr. 18, Mike Lawrence. 19, Jeremy Ross. 20, Terry Kirk.


1, Jeremy Ross. 2, Justin Folk. 3, Mike Lawrence. 4, Mickey Burrell. 5, Travis Smith. 6, Jessy Willard. 7, Scott Daniels. 8, Dennis Bishop. 9, Allan Broers. 10, Chase Sigg.


1, Jackie Dalton. 2, Michael Maggard. 3, Jesse Folk Jr. 4, Gene Hogan. 5, Dalton Kirk. 6, Lucas Conley. 7, Joe Dunell. 8, Jim Body. 9, Bryce Schniepp.

HEAT 1 1, Tanner Mullens. 2, Jared Rogers. 3, Chris Tonoli. 4, Mike Lawrence. 5, Mickey Burrell. 6, Chase Sigg. 7, Jim Body.

HEAT 2 1, Jeremy Payne. 2, Luke Driskell. 3, Justin Johnson. 4, Scott Daniels. 5, Jesse Folk Jr. 6 Lucas Conley. 7, Bryce Schniepp. \

HEAT 3 1, John Allen. 2, Jon Sheets. 3, Justin Rexwinkle. 4, Michael Maggard. 5, Jessy Willard. 6, Justin Folk. 7, Allan Broers.

HEAT 4 1, Ryan McAmincet. 2, Terry Schultz. 3, Adam Schrag. 4, Travis Smith. 5, Gene Hogan. 6, Dalton Kirk.

HEAT 5 1, Terry Kirk. 2, Cody Schniepp. 3, Jackie Dalton. 4, Jeremy Ross. 5, Joe Dunell. 6, Dennis Bishop.

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock

A FEATURE 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Jeremy Bennett. 3, Jeremy Willard. 4, Levi Phillips. 5, Kyle Rowland. 6, Stetson Deets. 7, Ken Colston. 8, Donnie Devers. 9, Eldon Donald McIntosh. 10, Jared Hayden. 11, Travis Barker. 12, Kelby Wright. 13, Matt Habiger. 14, Benjamin Haddox. 15, Matthew Kay.

HEAT 1 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Levi Phillips. 3, Kyle Rowland. 4, Travis Barker. 5, Stetson Deets. 6, Matthew Kay. 7, Jeremy Willard. 8, Jared Hayden.

HEAT 2 1, Benjamin Haddox. 2, Donnie Devers. 3, Jeremy Bennett. 4, Ken Colston. 5, Kelby

Wright. 6, Matt Habiger. 7, Eldon Donald McIntosh.

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