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Photo: Dayton Sutterby

For Humboldt Speedway fans, 13 year old Andy Bryant, and the Humboldt Ministerial Alliance, August 16th, 2013 will live in history.

It was fan appreciation night at “The Hummer”: Fans were admitted to the stands free for the donation of a non-perishable food item to the Humboldt Ministerial  Alliance food bank, or a monetary donation. Fans responded by filling 3 pickup trucks with food, and donating over $800.00 in cash! The stands were full, the place was rockin’, and race fans saw some of the best action to date this year!

Andy Bryant, 13 year old B-Mod prodigy from Fort Scott, Ks. recorded his first ever feature win anywhere in the Ray’s Metal Depot feature at the Hummer High Banks. On a surface where 3 wide racing was common, Bryant held off the cream of the crop; with Jeremy Chambers second, Brad Jarman third, Tim VanGotten fourth, and Jimmie Davis fifth.

In the USRA/McCarthy Auto Group Modified A feature, it was John Allen once again, although this week the defending points champ had to track down and pass the seriously fast Ryan McAninch in order to clinch the win. Ever resilient Jess Folk, Jr., who has had a troubled season, recorded the third spot. Travis Smith and Scott Daniels rounded out the top five.

There are those who believe that Derrek Wilson cannot be outrun in the Whitworth Construction Pure Stock division, and they may have a point, but J.T. Thurman gave the standing room only crowd reason to cheer, as he mounted a charge that fell just short in the final laps, losing to Wilson by less than a car length and bringing the crowd to their feet. Matthew Kay was third, Brad Carroll was fourth, Wayne Johnson fifth.

Then came the Factory Stock feature, where Scott Stuart, undefeated at Humboldt this year, returned after a lengthy absence. Stuart discovered that other drivers have been perfecting their craft in his absence and finished second to Jeremy Wilson, who appeared to be back in his season championship form of 2011, and wired the field. Tyler James scored a close third, with David Matlock fourth and Clint Drake fifth.

Ray’s Metal Depot B-Mod


1, Andy Bryant. 2, Jeremy Chambers. 3, Brad Jarman. 4, Tim VanGotten. 5, Jimmie Davis. 6, Mike Letterman. 7, Kevin Watson. 8, Leon Bash. 9, Dylan Allen. 10, Doug Scism. 11, Richard Collins. 12, John Calcott. 13, Riley Whitworth

HEAT 1 1, Andy Bryant. 2, Jeremy Chambers. 3, Leon Bash. 4, Mike Letterman. 5, Tim VanGotten. 6, Dylan Allen. 7, John Calcott 8. Kevin Watson

HEAT 2 1, Jimmie Davis. 2, Brad Jarman. 3, Riley Whitworth. 4, Jarrid Johnson. 5, Richard Collins. 6, Doug Scism.




1, Jeremy Wilson. 2, Scott Stuart. 3, Tyler James. 4, David Matlock. 5, Clint Drake. 6, Dustin Marvin. 7, Tyler Vincent. 8, Chance Bishop. 9, Tim Phillips. 10, Patrick Kay.

HEAT 1 1, Jeremy Wilson. 2, Scott Stuart. 3, Dustin Marvin. 4, Patrick Kay. 5, Tyler Vincent.

HEAT 2 1, Tyler James. 2, David Matlock. 3, Clint Drake. 4, Chance Bishop. 5, Tim Phillips.


McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified


1, John Allen. 2, Ryan McAninch. 3, Jesse Folk Jr. 4, Travis Smith. 5, Scott Daniels. 6, Chase Sigg. 7, Gene Hogan. 8, Terry Schultz. 9, Cody Schniepp. 10, Terry Kirk. 11, Allan Broers. 12, Tad Davis. 13, Dennis Bishop. 14, Will Johns. 15, Bryce Schniepp. 16, Steve Becker. 17, Jay Purkey. 18, Darren Robinson. 19, Jessy Willard.

HEAT 1 1, Travis Smith. 2, Jesse Folk Jr. 3, Terry Schultz. 4, Jay Purkey. 5, Cody Schniepp. 6, Mykel Atkinson. 7, Paden Phillips. 8, Justin Folk.

HEAT 2 1, John Allen. 2, Steve Becker. 3, Terry Kirk. 4, Tad Davis. 5, Will Johns. 6, Jessy Willard. 7, Dennis Bishop.

HEAT 3 1, Ryan McAninch. 2, Scott Daniels. 3, Chase Sigg. 4, Allan Broers. 5, Gene Hogan. 6, Bryce Schniepp. 7, Darren Robinson.


Whitworth Construction Pure Stock


1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Jason Thurman. 3, Matthew Kay. 4, Brad Carroll. 5, Wayne Johnson. 6, Mike Churning. 7, Scott Collins. 8, Stetson Deets. 9, Robert Shaughnessy. 10, Ken Colston. 11, Eldon Donald McIntosh. 12, Danah Hampton. 13, George Reimer. 14, Jared Hayden. 15, Rob Hull. 16, Ryan Smith.

HEAT 1 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, George Reimer. 3, Ryan Smith. 4, Rob Hull. 5, Stetson Deets. 6, Mike Churning.

HEAT 2 1, Bryon Wunschel. 2, Matthew Kay. 3, Wayne Johnson. 4, Danah Hampton. 5, Jason Thurman. 6, Ken Colston.

HEAT 3 1, Brad Carroll. 2, Eldon Donald McIntosh. 3, Jared Hayden. 4, Scott Collins. 5, Robert Shaughnessy.


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