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Photo: Dayton Sutterby

Early in the 2013 season, Scott Stuart was an unstoppable force in Factory Stock at Humboldt Speedway. Then, he decided to spend some time traveling to other venues, and enjoyed some success, not enough, however, to offset the enormous expense of travel involved. And so, several weeks ago, the prodigal son returned. However, in his absence, many lessons had been learned, and easy pickings were no longer to be found.

So it was that this week, Stuart again returned to the Humboldt winners circle, but having wrestled the win away from four other very tough competitors. Gary Langworthy, Jr. secured a hard fought runner up spot, while Jeremy Wilson came from deep in the field to take third. Fourth went to David Matlock, Tyler James finished fifth.

John Allen bested Matt Dotson in this week’s McCarthy auto group USRA Modified feature, reversing roles from last week. Steven Bower, Jr. claimed third, Travis Smith and Tad Davis rounded out the top five.

With the end of season 1 week away, Derrek Wilson is a sure bet for points champion in Whitworth Construction Pure Stocks. Wilson added another victory this week, as Levi Phillips marked his return with the runner up spot. Third went to Donald McIntosh, with Mike Churning fourth and Wayne Johnson fifth.

Jeremy Chambers started fourth row in the Ray’s Metal Depot  B-Mod feature, but drove home a winner, after an outstanding effort. Tim VanGotten claimed second, followed by Tyler Kidwell, Jimmie Davis, and Leon Bash.

Customary at The Hummer in the next to last week of the season, the Mecnics races were held as well. Winners were; Curtis Wilson, Sr. in Pure Stock, Harlan Cleaver in Factory Stock, and Todd Kidwell in B-Mod/Modifieds. The end of season next week will feature Powder Puff races.

Ray’s Metal Depot B-Mod

A FEATURE  1, Jeremy Chambers. 2, Tim VanGotten. 3, Tyler Kidwell. 4, Jimmie Davis. 5, Leon Bash. 6, Craig Mintz. 7, Jarrid Johnson. 8, Jon Westhoff. 9, Mike Letterman. 10, Dylan Allen. 11, Jack Knauss. 12, Andy Bryant. 13, Riley Whitworth. 14, Jerry Kustanborter.

HEAT 1  1, Dylan Allen. 2, Tyler Kidwell. 3, Tim VanGotten. 4, Jeremy Chambers. 5, Jon Westhoff. 6, Andy Bryant. 7, Craig Mintz.

HEAT 2  1, Jack Knauss. 2, Mike Letterman. 3, Jimmie Davis. 4, Jarrid Johnson. 5, Leon Bash. 6, Riley Whitworth. 7, Jerry Kustanborter.


A FEATURE  1, Scott Stuart. 2, Gary Langworthy Jr.. 3, Jeremy Wilson. 4, David Matlock. 5, Tyler James. 6, Daryl Drake. 7, Jason Thurman. 8, Dustin Marvin. 9, Patrick Kay. 10, Tyler Vincent.

HEAT 1  1, Tyler James. 2, Gary Langworthy Jr.. 3, Dustin Marvin. 4, Jason Thurman. 5, Jeremy Wilson. 6, Tyler Vincent.

HEAT 2  1, Scott Stuart. 2, Daryl Drake. 3, David Matlock. 4, Patrick Kay. 5, John Rosson.

McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified

A FEATURE  1, John Allen.2, Matt Dotson. 3, Steven Bowers Jr. 4, Travis Smith. 5, Tad Davis. 6, Jesse Folk Jr. 7, Ryan McAninch. 8, Cody Schniepp. 9, Lucas Conley. 10, Gene Hogan. 11, Van Gemmill. 12, Scott Daniels. 13, Mike Lawrence. 14, Chase Sigg. 15, Bryce Schniepp.

HEAT 1  1, Jesse Folk Jr. 2, Chase Sigg. 3, Cody Schniepp. 4, Mike Lawrence. 5, Van Gemmill. 6, Justin Folk.

HEAT 2  1, Matt Dotson. 2, Travis Smith. 3, Steven Bowers Jr. 4, Scott Daniels. 5, Dennis Bishop. 6, Gene Hogan.

HEAT 3  1, John Allen. 2, Ryan McAninch. 3, Tad Davis. 4, Lucas Conley. 5, Bryce Schniepp.

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock

A FEATURE  1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Levi Phillips. 3, Eldon Donald McIntosh. 4, Mike Churning. 5, Wayne Johnson. 6, Rob Hull. 7, Travis Barker. 8, Matt Habiger. 9, Lance Coulter. 10, Lafe Garst. 11, Tony Morris. 12, Jim Collins. 13, Ryan Smith. 14, Ken Colston. 15, Scott Collins.

HEAT 1  1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Matthew Kay. 3, Eldon Donald McIntosh. 4, Wayne Johnson. 5, Rob Hull. 6, Lance Coulter. 7, Tony Morris. 8, Travis Barker.

HEAT 2  1, Levi Phillips. 2, Ryan Smith. 3, Mike Churning. 4, Ken Colston. 5, Lafe Garst. 6, Matt Habiger. 7, Jim Collins. 8, Scott Collins.

Mechanic Races

Factory Stock: 1 Harlen Cleaver, 2 Robert Matlock

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock: 1. Curtis Wilson Sr.,2. Curtis Wilson Jr., 3. Joey Decoster, 4. Scotty Button, 5. Michael Hunt., 6. TJ Shelton 7. Kenton Allen, 8. Kris Dupuy

Ray’s Metal Depot B-Mods: 1. Todd Kidwell, 2. Brent Barker, 3. Hunter Hudson, 4. Mystery Driver, 5. Tody Harrison

McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified: 1. Davis Harrison2. Travis Larson

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