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2015 USRA B-Mod Rules


Exceptions will be:

• Any car using the Hoosier G-60 tire will be allowed to use them in the 2014 season. It is recommended as they need replaced to buy and start using the American Racer KK704 tire. . American Racer KK704 tires only will be required for the 2015 season.

• Teams will have three (3) races to get the bodies to meet the 2014 USRA Body rules as written.

• All Cars will be required to place a sticker on the left side of the hood that will state what Engine Package and Transmission Package you are using. Example: (Std/O---Std/A---Crate/
O---Crate/A). Std/O= Standard Engine with an OEM Transmission 2450lbs. Std/A= Standard Engine with an Aftermarket Transmission 2550lbs. Crate/O= Crate Engine with an OEM Transmission 2500lbs. Crate/A= Crate Engine with an Aftermarket Transmission 2600lbs. This Sticker will determine the amount your car must weigh. See article 17 weight 17.1 thru 17.3. If you change your Engine or Transmission package you must change your weight sticker, Or you will be Teched by the Sticker on your car. If it does not match your engine/trans package you will be disqualified.

• Bead Locks will be allowed on the right side wheels front and rear.

• Rear filler panels will be required. You will be disqualified for not having one on the car. No exceptions.
Filler panel is not required during hot laps.

• Engine Packages will remain the same as 2013 rules at all tracks.

Contact Info

  • Humboldt Speedway
  • 1663 Georgia Rd
  • Humboldt, KS 66748
  • Tel: (620) 473-3694