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2014 USRA Stock Car Rules


Exceptions will be:

• Hood Scoops or Filter Shields are allowed. Scoop/Shield cannot direct or force air into the air cleaner. The air filter assembly cannot be closed in or sealed off from the engine compartment.

• Bead Locks will be allowed on the right side wheel front and rear.

• All cars will be required to use wheels no wider than eight inches (8”) at all tracks.

• American Racer KK704, Hoosier G-60 and Track Tires (Asphalt Take Off) are allowed at Heartland Park and Humboldt Speedway Only. You must use the American Racer KK704 and Hoosier G-60 only at Lakeside Speedway and I-35 Speedway. All cars must use the American Racer KK704 at all tracks in 2015.

• No interior tin is allowed other then what is allowed by the 2014 USRA rules at Heartland Park Topeka, Lakeside Speedway or I-35 Speedway. Humboldt Speedway will allow Interior Tin to be used for the 2014 season.

• No rear spoilers will be allowed at any of the tracks in 2014.

• Off Set cages or Third rail chassis will be allowed at all four (4) tracks for the 2014 season. One and one half Inch tube (1 ½ “) cages will be allowed for the 2014 season at all four (4) tracks.

• Thru the fender headers “high and low” will be allowed at all four (4) tracks in 2014.

• Front aftermarket Nose Piece must be used in 2014. Rear aftermarket tail pieces may be used in 2014, or rear of car must be closed in from quarter panel to quarter panel, from trunk edge to top of rear frame rail. Rear tubular bumper may be used. Ends must be capped and cannot be wider than the body. If the rear bumper is determined unsafe or could puncture another car you will be required to make needed repairs to make it safe..

• Engine rules will be allowed from one track to another. As written from your track will be allowed. All engines must be in stock location.

Contact Info

  • Humboldt Speedway
  • 1663 Georgia Rd
  • Humboldt, KS 66748
  • Tel: (620) 473-3694