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Welcome 2023

Welcome 2023

Humboldt Speedway prepares for the upcoming season. We look forward to seeing you at the races!

Latest Results

Humboldt Speedway6/2/2023Rays Metal Depot USRA B-Mods
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway6/2/2023Home Savings Bank Factory Stocks
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway6/2/2023USRA Tuners
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway6/2/2023ARMI USRA Modifieds
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway5/12/2023Rays Metal Depot USRA B-Mods
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway5/12/2023Extrusions, Inc. Midwest Mods
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway5/12/2023USRA Tuners
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway5/12/2023ARMI USRA Modifieds
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway5/5/2023Home Savings Bank Factory Stocks
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway5/5/2023Midgets
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Humboldt Speedway5/5/2023Non-Winged Sprints
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Current Points

Rays Metal Depot USRA B-Modsas of 6/2/2023
Full Points
Extrusions, Inc. Midwest Modsas of 5/12/2023
Full Points
Home Savings Bank Factory Stocksas of 5/5/2023
Full Points
USRA Tunersas of 6/2/2023
Full Points
ARMI USRA Modifiedsas of 6/2/2023
Full Points


Super Stock Special (March 31, 2023) Rules Released

With the Season Opener/Super Stock Special quickly approaching, the Humboldt Speedway team is excited to release all the information drivers and fans need for the event!

Drivers can run Super Stock rules from the 81 Speedway, Salina Highbanks, and POWERi Super Stock rule books. USRA Stock Cars can run the rules of their sanction. Drivers can run any of these rule packages in their entirety. NO MIXING OF RULES PACKAGES.

Upon check-in, the pill draw will be completed by computer. Passing points from heat races will transfer the top 16 to the A-Feature. The top six will redraw during intermission. Four drivers will transfer out of the B-Feature.

Heat races will be 8 laps.
B-Features will be 12 laps.
A-Feature will be 30 laps.


  1. $1,000.00
  2. $600.00
  3. $450.00
  4. $300.00
  5. $250.00
  6. $200.00
  7. $175.00
  8. $150.00
    9-20. $125.00

B-Feature Non-Qualifying: $50.00
Track Registration is FREE. All drivers must be registered through MyRacePass. All drivers must have a W-9 turned in to receive pay.

Registration for this event is now open and available on

Entry Fee: $25.00
Adult Pit Pass: $35.00
Kids Ages 5-10 Pit Pass: $15.00

Adults: $12.00
Senior 65+/Military: $10.00
Kids 10 & Under: FREE

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