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Welcome 2023

Welcome 2023

Humboldt Speedway prepares for the upcoming season. We look forward to seeing you at the races!

Latest Results

Humboldt Speedway6/2/2023Rays Metal Depot USRA B-Mods
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway6/2/2023Home Savings Bank Factory Stocks
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway6/2/2023USRA Tuners
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway5/12/2023Rays Metal Depot USRA B-Mods
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway5/12/2023Extrusions, Inc. Midwest Mods
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway5/12/2023USRA Tuners
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway5/12/2023ARMI USRA Modifieds
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway5/5/2023Home Savings Bank Factory Stocks
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway5/5/2023Midgets
Full Results
Humboldt Speedway5/5/2023Non-Winged Sprints
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Current Points

Rays Metal Depot USRA B-Modsas of 6/2/2023
Full Points
Extrusions, Inc. Midwest Modsas of 5/12/2023
Full Points
Home Savings Bank Factory Stocksas of 5/5/2023
Full Points
USRA Tunersas of 6/2/2023
Full Points
ARMI USRA Modifiedsas of 5/12/2023
Full Points

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Racing Since2011
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360 Sprints - Winged
600cc Outlaw Winged Micros
600cc Outlaw Non Winged Micros
Restricted Winged Micros
600cc Winged Micros
600cc Non Winged Micros
Sportsman Micros
Sportsman Dwarf
Senior Micros

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Debbie Torgerson

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HeatDashB FeatureA Feature
XTreme Outlaw Midgets
Ashton Torgerson (Midgets)2nd--3rd

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King of America 2018
Stormy Scott Wins the King of America - Courtesy of Cheese Works